I cooperated with AI to write this story.

Helen Vechurko
4 min readSep 3, 2021

Artificial Intelligence algorithm is a great help in the sequence of repetitive actions. I’ve already seen photo retouching AI software in action and the results were quite satisfying. However, we are still concerned if an artificial mind can be as efficient in creative tasks. I discovered there is a range of writing software and decided to give it a try.

On the other hand, the AI industry around the world is booming. And in China, many people are interested in artificial intelligence technology. The Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) in China announced that artificial intelligence will be a hot trend this year.

There are many examples of artificial intelligence applications in our life today.

But let’s focus on creative writing. Ai will create content for you.

Unlike algorithm-based actions, this task seems very difficult to AI. Until now, the most interesting thing is that AI do not have any ideas about creativity. It is still difficult for AI to come up with the content of stories. It’s hard to tell what’s a story, right?

However, I think artificial intelligence algorithm has some ways to solve this problem. How it works? Basically, you start the paragraph and Shortlyai continues it.

Normally, it would take me around half an hour to write this amount of text I’ve just done in 5 minutes using Shortlyai.

What Shortlyai thinks of this:

“It’s just amazing. I can’t believe it! It’s really cool because this article was not written by me. This one is actually written by AI algorithm, which was fed with data and trained using machine learning technology to generate the article. That’s right. Ai is able to learn about resources and resources to create content, which was very surprising for me.”

I can’t disagree. It was fun and felt like communication. Actually, this text looks like if it was composed by an average copywriter.

What if I will go more specific? Let’s go to Writesonic and see how it handles a specific topic. Since my investigation is about the liability of AI for brand writing, let’s compose something on brand storytelling.

To start with you have to pick the story idea and write a brief outline. I’ve just picked a paragraph from the article I wrote. Based on it I received structure options to chose from.

Helen Vechurko

Creative director. Writing fiction

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