How to convert stories to sales. Storytelling for business.

Helen Vechurko
7 min readSep 5, 2021
storytelling for business
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How to convert stories into sales

It’s a casual weekday. You are checking the statistics of a recently launched campaign. And wow!!! It is sold out! You couldn’t imagine this result one month before when you didn’t use the power of storytelling in your marketing strategy. Do you want to be this successful entrepreneur?

That’s the power of storytelling. To hook your curiosity, I’ve just used the formula called “future pacing”. The key point of this method is to put the potential outcome as if it has already happened. Increasing sales using a special technique sounds attractive, doesn’t it? And there are a lot of other storytelling techniques to connect the audience. Stay tuned as I will share more on converting the stories into sales.

How storytelling saves marketing budget

We are constantly bombarded with thousands of offers, sponsored posts, banners, and emails. Try to remember how many ads you clicked today or marketing emails you’ve read. It’s most likely your answer is around very few to zero interactions. It’s beyond logic, but it’s true, companies spend enormous budgets to annoy you. Of course, the goal is to sell, but it is what it is.

To make the difference, you need to understand that the world rolls around the customer, he is the central figure of the story. It’s not about how good your product is, it’s about the quality it brings to someone’s life. Imagine, a guy who comes to a party and tells everyone that he is the best dancer in the world. You will take it as boasting. And now let’s put it differently. The guy at the party says he knows how to make you the best dancer in the world.

The mission statement

What your company does is the first in the list of FAQs of any company.

Do you remember any of these long mission statements about consistency, tech innovations, and providing high-end solutions some companies put on their websites? Honestly, I don’t. It’s not clear why I need their services and how they are going to make my life easier.

There is an engaging way to explain the mission statement. For example, Harley Davidson believed that freedom is…