How to create a personal brand that strives.

Helen Vechurko
7 min readSep 6, 2021

A strong personal brand gives you credibility in business, helps to cut through the noise, and stand out. It wins you opportunities you couldn’t imagine before.

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Personal branding has a shade of mystery, however, it’s all about marketing. With the difference, that you are the product to be promoted. Briefly, your personal brand is what other people think of you. If their opinion doesn’t correspond to yours, you should definitely review the strategy.

There are some outstanding examples showing how a personal brand helps to boost the business. When you want to refer to the remarkable tech entrepreneur, Elon Musk is the one. His personal brand is so strong that he overshadows his own companies. There are 56 million followers on his Twitter profile, while Tesla has ten. His personal recognition wins clients and trust for his companies. According to studies, 77% percent of customers are more likely to purchase if the head of the company is active on social media. They tend to invest in people and brands whose values they share.

Nowadays it is not enough just to do your job. It’s a mistake to think that your personal brand appears because of the work you do. You have to craft and maintain your reputation carefully.

So what is the formula of the personal brand?

To make it simple, let’s name key elements that shape trust and recognition:

  • The story that tells who you are, why you are unique, and how you can be helpful to your audience.
  • A strong mission. Which is one problem that you are driven to solve?
  • Signature style. Your image should be memorizable.
  • Consistency. Your key message applies to all your online and offline communication.

Also, note the importance of having a well-defined target audience and a unique offer.

Discover your story

It is crucial that you develop a strong personal story that catches the attention of your audience. When properly crafted, it creates a strong connection with your clients and team.

This can sound like not a challenging task. Many people feel uneasy talking about themselves. In…