Get the Most Out of Your Campaign Shooting — Make Great Video Content

Helen Vechurko
7 min readSep 20, 2021

We are experiencing a time when independent brands hit the market, and a mindful approach to production makes competition for fast fashion companies. If you ever had a dream to launch an independent brand, the best time is now. However, it’s a challenging task to compete with big names when your marketing team consists of one person. Considering the exponential growth of e-commerce, the competition for 3 seconds of attention (the average user’s interaction time) is getting intense. How to drag a random user into a customer’s experience? Standing out content is the answer.

Content is the king

Demands to content change over time. For example, lookbooks that serve as print materials for buyers, get digitalized these days and may serve for direct communication with the consumer. Digital platforms enable brands to reach the customer directly. You don’t need to spend a million budget on TV commercials anymore. Your promotion can reach the customer through the Instagram feed. There is a great variety of content to boost interactions. Think of short videos, gifs, stop motion, and animation.

In general, content should cover two principal purposes: to show the mood of the brand, so the customer could relate; to get an idea of how the product looks. And of course, it has to be highly interactive.

Set realistic expectations

It’s impossible to get it fast, cheap and of high quality at once. But getting the most out of the shoot within your budget is an achievable goal. Before going creative and starting working on the mood board and hiring the team, I suggest going practical and setting the expectations.

It’s not rare that I’m approached by the brands who have a very vague idea of the content they need and I have to brief myself for an assignment. An average photographer doesn’t have the expertise in marketing and art direction. In the perfect world, the creative director teams up with the marketing specialist to develop the concept.

What if there is no such position in your company? If your budget is too tight to afford hiring the professionals, cover it yourself. As simple as that.

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