Product pictures that strike. A set that costed me 2€.

Helen Vechurko
3 min readJun 5, 2021

I challenged myself to create striking product pictures of an inexpensive product on a minimal budget. Look what I got and follow how I achieved this result.

photo: Helen Vechurko

It’s not evident from the picture if the product is expensive or cheap. However, quality photography adds value. From my 15 years in visual production, I’ve learned that to look great on a picture product doesn’t need to be pricey. I don’t deny that it’s impossible to get something cheap, good and quality. In this case, the expensive component is my expertise which converts into my rate. That’s what I want to share with you.

The starting point. Products and props.

I got the cheapest soap bars from the supermarket (0,35 eur each). I already have paper backdrops in a variety of colors from previous projects. I think one 50x70 cm piece didn’t cost more, than 1 euro.

On my way home from the supermarket, I cut some wildflowers. Zero investments.

The concept.

Shot 1 For the first set I decided to capture the summer mood. The magic of visuals is that you can create any ambiance with the help of lighting and elements in the shot. My idea was to present a kind of aromatic herbal soap you would enjoy using on a hot day.

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That’s how I translated it into the visual language:

1 To give this sunny mood I’ve chosen this warm yellow background.

2 Summer days associates with the high sun that gives deep shadows. That’s how I came up with the lighting scheme. I used one lighting source. A snoot that gives a very harsh defined light and filled in the shadows with the white reflector.

3 It’s a studio shot, and I wanted to keep it graphic and a bit abstract. It adds some elegance in my opinion. And it’s also not a common way to present this type of product.

4 Limited color palette reinforces the graphic feel. I already create contrast with the shadows. That’s why I stopped my choice of using shades of warm shades of yellow in this shot.

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