Unsorted record. Playlist of my teens.

Helen Vechurko
5 min readJul 25, 2021

Saving playlists is like collecting memories. Send me your favorites, play me your song of the day. Instead of thousand words let me listen to the music of your pain, tune me into your joy, let me know what your affection sounds like.

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Most listened of that last summer before the graduation feels like sunburned back after falling asleep at the beach. It tastes like watermelon mixed with cider mixed with sand mixed with my boyfriend’s saliva… Fade out from the distorted sound of his car radio to a loud bass of the acoustic system shaking in the trunk. I’m dancing on the empty pier outside of the city. There are two random guys watching this show and discussing it could be a great party place, and my boyfriend smoking. That’s his response to my prays to go to the sea. (They made a huge flood to drown a few cities to create this “Kyiv sea” of unsalted water. Because of poor water circulation in the summertime it turns green and stinks) When you can’t go on vacations right away, there is an improvised party by the shore of a fake sea as a fast solution. It was Armin van Buuren who made my soul sing. Thank you Armin for saving a guy from my disappointed self. I bet it’s hard to surf the waves of my bad mood.

There were numerous concerts that sounded like a one-night-long soundtrack. Hard to say it’s because of the perfect balance of pitches or it is because of the content of illicit substances in your blood you waves of bass reach through your underwear to tease your sweaty body. And then you are boom! The next day you find yourself in the commercial center seriously considering a chocolate fountain to be quite a cool device to have at home.

It was a great sound last night if anyone asks about the party. Or maybe it could be better. Anyway, it’s all about the perfect balance of sound waves. You need high-tech headphones and speakers, booth systems, and all those devices to play the soundtrack of your days in high quality.

We were aiming for a better sound for as long as I remember. In addition to that crazy one in the car, I asked for a home sound system for home as a Christmas present. To my boyfriend’s note that I hate loud music at home, I answered that it was…

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